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Byarlea and our other properties had been running merino sheep since the area was first farmed in 1872. We were running large framed merinos from a Bungaree bloodline. When wool prices collapsed in the early 1990�s we started looking at alternatives. The summer of 1992 was very wet and our merinos were severely affected by fly strike. We needed to find another enterprise to graze this property.

In 1993 we contacted some Wiltshire Horn sheep breeders in Victoria. We gathered as much information about the Wiltshire Horns as we could and decided that Wiltshire Horn sheep were the breed for us.

In 1994 we purchased our first 80 ewes and 3 rams from the Blythvale Stud in Victoria. In 1994 we bought more ewes and registered our Byarlea Wiltshire Horn Sheep Stud. Over the next four years we phased our merino flock out buying more Wiltshire Horn ewes from Blythvale and rams from Bara Simbil and Clifton Hills studs. We sold the last merinos in 1998.

The Wiltshire Horn lambs were exceptional. We had good sales; we knew we had made the right decision to run Wiltshire Horns. Every year we have had more ewe lambs than ram lambs and numbers increased rapidly until 2001 when we had approximately 1000 ewes and then we could start to sell ewes.

After consultation with our Vet and giving it serious consideration, we decided that there is no economic reason or advantage for Byarlea to remain in the Market Assurance Program for OJD. With our part of South Australia being rezoned and the fact we have tested our flock for four years, we are confident that there is no problem with OJD on our property. We are Brucellosis Accredited.

In 2002 we purchased the remaining 117 ewes in the Blythvale flock. The quality of our sheep has continued to improve. Our decision to run Wiltshire Horn Sheep has been one of the best things we have done on our farm.

Further to our commitment and belief in the Wiltshire Horn breed, in 2005 we purchased two more properties in the Mallee and in 2006 a station in the pastoral country to enable us to continue increasing our Wiltshire Horn sheep numbers.

The results we have achieved with showing sheep, carcass competitions, exporting and sales of lambs on hooks and the market proves to us that the quality of our sheep is high and large commercial flocks of Wiltshire Horns is very profitable.


Home Page   |   Byarlea History   |   Wiltshire Horn Information   |   Advantages of Horned Sheep   |   Byarlea News   |   Meat Quality   |   Show Results   |   Contact

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